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Hello world! Welcome to

Hello world! Welcome to

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This is my very first blog posting here at!

My name is Jill Boland and I’m a web developer, writer, photographer, teacher and community minded person who wants to create a website for people who are interested in sharing and learning about a number of subjects that are important to me as a mother, wife, sister, daughter and neighbour.

I want to share with you info that is related to food, family, farming and having fun! These subjects are a very important part of my life and know that there are others interested in the same thing.

I love to cook and family dinners and celebrations are part of sharing food. My family lives far and wide so when we do get together, family events are always accompanied by lots of yummy food. I love trying new and old recipes and will be sharing them with you, like my Yellow and Green Spicy Zuke Pickle recipe.

In this post I write about our current major project, building the dream farm. I will keep you posted on those adventures too. We are green minded builders and you will see home building from a home owner, contractor, designer, landscaper and eco perspective.

That being said, all work and no play makes Jack (and in this case Jill too) very dull so I will be posting updates on the fun things we do and places we go, like on our most recent trip down the Inside Passage to Vancouver Island. 

So I welcome you and hope you find this a place to catch a glimpse of what life is like raising a family in rural Northern BC, Canada. If you learn something new, share your comments and ideas and to help make every community worth living it right!


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