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Meet my family…

Meet my family…

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Here’s a little about me and my family!

I have 4 children ranging in age from 7-19 years old.Two girls, two boys. I am married to a wonderful Aussie who came to Canada to ski and never left. Lee is a contractor in the warmer months and is a heli-ski guide in the winters.

My birth family and I reunited 11 years ago and we have since moving to northern British Columbia to be closer to them. Many of my recipes have been handed down by my birth mom. She has her own food blog she is starting called where she writes about her two passions, food and travel. Her mom, my Grandma lives next door in the big log house on the lake.

I have 2 sisters, one birth and one adopted sister. My birth sister is about to give birth to a girl any day! My other sister I grew up with has four boys and is a grade school teacher in Ireland. Our parents are still in Toronto, where I grew up, retired and very involved in their community.

I am blessed with such an extended family all over the world :)


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