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Inside Passage: a trip down the coast of BC

Inside Passage: a trip down the coast of BC

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These two worked very hard to catch our boat. They are often scene in the narrowest parts of the passage.


This summer, we went on a trip of a lifetime! Many people only dream of such an amazing trip. Myself and my 3 sidekicks embarked on this journey, but not before overcoming some rather large hurtles.

The trip was booked early in the spring, before things got booked up. BC Ferries was very helpful and explained everything. The travellers would be myself and my husband Lee and his mum Diane, visiting from Australia.  My parents from Toronto would fly into Smithers, BC and together we would drive to Prince Rupert to stay the night before having board the ferry at 5:30 am!

Then we sell our house 2 weeks before setting sail. Panic stations! You may not know me but anyone with four kids and has a husband that collects ski gear will know that moving isn't easy! 

I wouldn't say that Keira is happy Grandma had a heart attack, but it did mean she got a spot on the boat!

While moving, literally, my dad calls and says the trip is off, "your mother just had a heart attack". Wow. Chaos and confusion! Thankfully it was a mild attack and she would make a full recovery but isn't allowed to fly.

That freed up some space for the mighty mouse, our daughter Keira. Not only does she get to go on a ferry for the first time, she will get to see her big sister who lives, works and goes to school.

Off we went and thoroughly enjoyed the ferry! Orca pods chasing the boat, whales trying to outrun it and a whole lot of nothing. Our coastline is dotted with lighthouses, outcrops of jagged rock, waterfalls spilling out of nowhere, the odd fishing boat and then just wilderness. I was struck by the pristine condition of such an amazing ecosystem.

Then I realized that if tankers of oil where to try to navigate these narrow channels, it is only a matter of time before it is gone. I have always been against the pipeline but now have first hand knowledge of what is at stake.

Please speak out against pipelines and tankers on our west coast of BC. It is a national treasure that needs to be preserved! Visit this great site Pipe Up Against Enbridge to get involved.

Enjoy this video where I capture the tail of a whale:

You can see how narrow the channels can get. Our ferry is riding closer to the other shore so this is how narrow it can be.

No pipelines or tankers in this area! Learn more and be heard. Visit Pipe Up Against Enbridge »

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