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AUGUST Yellow and Green Spicy Zuke Pickles

AUGUST Yellow and Green Spicy Zuke Pickles

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Last year we had a bumper crop of zucchinis. This year made last year look wimpy. I have so many zukes at moment! This pickle recipe is easy and works every time. My husband Lee quite often has a pickle plate for dinner with an assortment of pickles, olives, cheese and crackers so I can’t make too many jars of pickles.

I love to cook but hate to measure. Strange I know. I will give in and dig out the measuring cup once in a while but for the most part, relying on what I have and what mood I’m in, this recipe can vary with successful results.

My basic rule of thumb with pickling is 50/50 vinegar to water brought to a boil.

Then I pack my jars:

  1. Tablespoon of minced garlic (plus or minus depending on your love of the bulb)
  2. Dill and lots of it. If I can get it fresh, I will divide it amongst the jars. Dried works too.
  3. The heat. My family likes things fairly spicy. Even our 7 year old likes some spice. In this example, I used small red spicy peppers. Jalapeños or Serranos  peppers work well too.
  4. In with the zucchini pieces sliced and quartered. You can cut them however you like but we like a chunky pickle that holds up on crackers.
  5. Pour in the boiling liquid carefully! It should cover the contents of the jar but leave about a half inch of room.
  6. Meanwhile, I have sterilized my lids and have them gently simmering in a pot. To learn more about sterilizing, check out this posting on my mom’s blog
  7. I screw on the lids, not too tight because we want the air to exit during the canning process.
  8. In a large pot, I have boiling water gently simmering. I add the jars until they are completely submerged. Bring up the temperature until they are boiling again and leave to 10 minutes. This time varied depending on your altitude so double check what it should be for your area. When the bubble stop emerging from the edge of the lid, it should be just about ready.
  9. Remove jars carefully and let cool. Then check to see that they have sealed properly. The lid should be indented and NOT click when you press it. Then I cart them into my storeroom to enjoy after they have sat for at least 2 weeks.
  10. Then enjoy!

Let me know how your Yellow and Green Spicy Zuke Pickles turn out. What type of peppers did you choose? Does your family enjoy pickle plates as much as we do?


Watch this short video on how to make pickles:

And for more zucchini fun, check out this months edition of Gardenista: Take My Zucchini Please. It’s a great read.

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